Here at Safety Express Courier we offer cutting edge technology through our digital waybill system.

Each driver has the digital waybill app downloaded into their smart phone and this allows us to know in real time where each driver is at all times. This ensures that your order will be given to the driver that is closest to you for pickup. At any given time we can tell you exactly where the driver is and how far he is from making your delivery. We can even pinpoint roads that he is passing as we are giving you his delivery status. Once each driver has delivered you receive an e-mail showing the time the package was delivered, who signed for your package and what department they were located in.

Our digital waybill system offers you the option to place your order online and it is immediately sent to the dispatch e-mail. There is a live person at all times at the dispatch e-mail. If you prefer to call your order in you will always hear a friendly voice answer your call 24/7 365 days a year. At Safety Express you will never hear press 1 for this option or press 2 for this option. At Safety Express we pride ourselves in keeping some of the traditional ways of doing business and this is one we feel is vital to keep in place. When you call in we want you to know we understand you need immediate service and by hearing a live voice we feel we can let you know your emergency has become our emergency and we will take care of your needs and request immediately.

Our digital waybill system has the feature to recall past orders so if you place repeat calls with us it is a matter of hitting two keystrokes and your previous order can be recalled. This saves time that you will have to spend on the phone placing the order and it also ensures accuracy of repeat orders.

Safety Express will continue to progress with technology as it becomes available and advances while keeping some of the small touches of personal interaction with our customers to keep us unique in the way we strive to do business.

  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Signatures available on request
  • E-mail Confirmation of job delivery
  • Waybill stores data to recall previous orders
  • Live person 24/7 365

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